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After weeks of soul searching and careful consideration, I have made the decision to Retire or take an extended “Sabbatical”, if you will, from ANY custom design work.

This includes new custom design projects and any additional new add-on projects (extra print service copies, ebook and print foreign language translations, audio, etc.) that were not requested and paid for at the time of the original project agreement.

**This doesn’t affect instances where a print or audio cover was pre-paid for as part of the original design agreement. **

I hope to be able to now focus more on creating new and unique premade art designs for the Midnight Muse shop on a more regular basis, without being on call 24/7 with other projects.

A HUGE thank you to all my custom clients who have trusted me with creating covers over the last 7 years for their fabulous books! Your faith and friendship is much appreciated!

If anyone has any questions, please contact me either through private message or via email.

Thank you!!

Beginning Jan. 1st, 2020, when booking a project requests should be made at least 90 days before the titles release date! This applies to all new and current clients.
A “RUSH ORDER” fee of $50 will be applied to ANY projects which require a 14 days or less completion deadline.

Price List: (As of January 1st, 2020)

eBook Only: $150 PLUS cost of **stock images. This includes the final ebook cover file as a JPG in two sizes. File labelled Amazon will fit the specifications of most online retailers. File labelled Barnes will fit the smaller size specifications they require.

eBook + Print: $200. Includes the above for eBook plus a cover flat (front, back & spine) PDF created using a standard template from Amazon/Create Space custom to fit the page count provided and your print size preferences. (Seen below about additional print services)

eBook+ Print+ Audio Book Cover: $225. All of the above plus a standard audio book cover.

eBook Box Set: $150 PLUS cost of **stock images. (See included file sizes in the Ebook Only section above) Does NOT include 3D render mockup!

3D Mockup of Box Set available by request for an additional $25

**Stock images EXCLUSIVE to the Midnight Muse are available for use in your custom project and cost $50.

PRINT OPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE: Additional print files for other services (ex. Ingram Sparks Barnes and Noble) These much be purchased separately for a fee of $25 each and requests for these additional services should be made at the time of agreement on the project or within 90 days of the projects completion.

All of the above options include a single file of the original art illustration created for your design. The original art illustration is provided for PROMOTIONAL  USE ONLY and cannot be changed or altered in any way without previous consent. All artwork and pertaining work files used in the creation of the final product belong to the designer The Midnight Muse/Teresa Spreckelmeyer. The client has full usage rights for the final product for the specific book for which is was created.

Optional but NOT included in the above packages!

    Foreign language translations: $25 per title. Client must provide translation text.
    3D mockup: A 3D render of your title with a transparent background which can be used for promotional ads and graphics. $15

Purchase and Billing:

First time clients will be required to pay a deposit equal to half of the final package or custom package price before any work will begin on the project.

Billing invoices are sent and are to be paid through Paypal. Please include the email address associated with your Paypal account once an agreement has been reached.

During the design process you will receive PROOF SIZE images only for approval purposes.

Once the art work is approved an invoice will be sent for the total amount due on each project.

Payment on invoices is expected within 5 days of receipt. Clients who have an unpaid invoice after 14 days, unless other arrangements have been made will receive a termination notice on the agreement.

ONLY AFTER payment has been completed will any of the final product files be made available for download.

Custom Requests Information:

Please read through the following information carefully before submitting the project details.

    Specify what type of project you are inquiring about. (eBook only, eBook + Print or eBook, Print and Audio)
    If you are contacting about more than one projects, as in a series of covers, be sure to include the total number of covers needed and if they will be eBook only or require Print copies to match.
    Indicate if you already have purchased stock images that you wish to use for the project and if not, include as much detail as possible for what your requirements are: Single model (m/f), Couple, Ethnicity, Wardrobe-time period, style, Positioning-embracing, sitting, standing etc. and a description of the physical attributes—hair color, eyes, build, etc.

Providing your own stock image is encouraged as it saves a substantial amount of time.

    Be sure to include as much information about the design you wish to see incorporated as possible. Specifics like the color/style of clothing, what type of scene (ex. Outdoor, Interior room, etc.), Props or other miscellaneous details.

Bad Example:  I want a regency couple embracing. (end of details)

Good Example: I want a couple in Regency style clothing embracing on a gold chaise lounge with lots of candle light. Heroine should have long red hair, green eyes and with a sapphire blue dress that drapes over the side. Hero has short, black hair with blue eyes, shirtless or wearing a loosely fitting white shirt. Include a silk fan either in her hand or lying in view.

Designs will be created using the details that you initially provide. The more details the better!

    Once the design process begins you will receive a Proof size copy to approve or request changes (generally less than 1000 pixels in width) via email once it is completed. If changes are required, the process is repeated. (Please be specific about what changes that need to be made.)

No more than 3 attempts will be made during the art design process to produce the final approved art. If after the third proof, the art design has not met your needs OR if additional requests are added that differ from the original specification, I reserve the option to terminate the agreement and refund the deposit, minus the cost of stock photos purchased for the design.

IF, you wish to move forward after requesting additional changes as mentioned above, an additional fee of $25 will be added to your final balance for each additional proof.

    Once the art has been approved, the title, name and any additional text or series information will be added to complete the cover. Be sure to include the color/style of the font(s) you wish used or if possible, include either a copy of your font choice, a link to download or simply the font name as I may already have the font on my system. If you are unsure and do not have the font, providing an example is always helpful.

    For Print Copies: Provide the PAGE COUNT provided by the publisher (not your own as they will vary depending on the printers format), Back Cover text (synopsis, reviews etc.), if you wish to include your name or title on the back and the print size of the final book (6×9, 5.5×8.5), as well as paper choice. (white or cream)
Changes After Completion of Project: Once the cover(s) has been approved and finalized the project is considered complete. Any requests for revisions to the ART, at a later date may be denied or considered as a NEW design and billed accordingly. Revisions to the cover text, such as title or series name change will incur an addition fee of $25.
CREDIT: If you intend to add a design credit to your book please use the following: Art Illustration and Cover Design by The Midnight Muse (if including a link)
FILE STORAGE: Final product files will be housed on a cloud storage service with links provided to access and download. These files will remain available for a MAXIMUM of 90 days after the project is complete. It is the clients responsibility to download all files and store on their own devices. After 90 days they will be removed and will no longer be accessible via the links provided.
WORK FILES used in the creation of your art, cover design or print PDF file will be retained for unforeseen changes up to a year. After that time they will be permanently deleted!

If you have any questions about the information above or anything you need to ask that is not covered in this information, please feel free to contact me through the form provided on the Home page.

Response time is generally within 24-48 hours unless the spam gremlins snatch your email, in which case allow at least 72 hours from your initial email before trying again.

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